Fireball Mountain Outdoor Laser Tag NJ

Our Urban Combat Village

As one of our premier playing fields, this village has 30 different distinct structures. Each structure is anywhere from 100 sq ft to a whopping 350 sq foot with multiple rooms. This is also an under ground tunnel, two story catwalk and sniper towers. This is one of our smallest playing areas (at about 1 1/2 acres), but it is also one of the most challenging to navigate. In fact, we have had US military forces train in our village to practice close quarters combat.

Don't forget that we still have another 10 acres of playing fields including our 2 story Fort Fireball and our World War 1 trenches.
Fireball Mountain is an outdoor laser tag facility located in Wrightstown NJ (near Six Flags). Our facility is situated on 15 wooded acres. We have several fields that will test your ability to adapt to different situations including an Urban village (30 buildings, under ground tunnel, 2 story cat-walk), 2 story Fort Fireball, and World War 1 Trenches Field. Fireball Mountain laser tag has hosted thousands of participants over the years at our site. As the first Outdoor Laser Tag operator in the United States, Fireball Mountain outdoor laser tag has pioneered the commercial development of outdoor laser tag. While there may be many imitators of the form of laser tag we created, there is only one Fireball Mountain and nowhere in the US boasts a more immersive field of play than our 15 acres of playing space (Over 500,000 sq ft of playing area). We have the unique honor to work with over 180 of the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania’s top summer programs, many sports teams (College, High School and Travel teams), hundreds of youth ministries, local Fortune 500 companies, over a hundred local school districts and, of course, tens of thousands of exuberant local youths.

Ever play video games like: PubG, Call of Duty, or Battlefield? Fireball Mountain is the same type of gaming experience, only you are the real life player accomplishing the missions. Fireball Mountain Outdoor Laser Tag has become one of the most popular live action role playing games in the Tri-State area . We hope you will join us for a few hours at Fireball Mountain Outdoor Laser Tag Park to experience this very exciting game.

Fireball Mountain opened 27 years ago as a Popular Paintball location. In 2013 it was transformed into an Outdoor Laser Tag Park. Whether you’re 8 or 80, Fireball Mountain laser tag has something for everyone. Come out today to our 15 acre park and enjoy the benefits of Outdoor Laser Tag NJ!!

Laser Tag Equipment

The Fireball Mountain outdoor laser tag gear has been built using a safe and reliable high tech infrared system that includes a Fireball Mountain laser tag unit (Effective range is over 500 ft. range) that is equipped with a red dot scope for accuracy. Join in Operation: FUN at Fireball Mountain Outdoor Laser Tag Park!

What is the Experience like?

When players arrive, they are issued our state-of-the-art outdoor laser tag Gear. Each player immediately feels their adrenaline racing as they are placed into two different teams. Each team is then given a Fireball Mountain mission briefing by their Field Marshal. Each Fireball Mountain laser tag mission can have several different objectives, like capture the 2 story fort. Teams then work together to strategically plan their mission and attempt to achieve the objectives of the mission. Fireball Mountain laser tag NJ is an extremely unique experience.

Hours of Operation:
Park Hours: Seven Days a week, vary based on the time of year due to the sunlight. Night games are also available from May - October.

Office Hours: Monday Through Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

Laser Tag Park Is Open March 1st Thru December 31st every year.

Saturdays and Sundays 9 AM – Sunset (Exception is during the summer months when we play night games under the lights in our urban combat village)

Open Weekdays (By Appointment Only)

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